Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Good luck to my Body Clock


November is a month of movement for me. It sure is going to be one of those months where I'll be so busy I'll be definitely looking for my next holiday although I just came off from one a few days ago.

First, my family will be relocating to a new home. After 23 years, South girl no more .
Next, I'm moving in with one of my best flygirls, Tricia. 
Lastly, my roster this month is all over the place or should I say all over the world literally! On the plane ride back to Dubai after my leave, I was browsing through my roster and realized that this November I'll be covering 5 out of the seven continents! Good luck to my body clock!

☑ Africa
☑ North America
South America
☐ Antartica

I'll be hopping from Asia on to Africa going to North America then Europe and towards South America. I don't mind flying down under either but I must not be too greedy. Antartica, well, I suppose is out of the question since that is not part of my network.

So, where exactly do I go in each of these continents? Here's my November itinerary accordingly: Singapore, Singapore  Entebbe, Uganda Houston, USA Prague, Czech Republic  Sao Paolo, Brazil .

What will I do in these places? I've been to most of these places except for Prague. I'll sum them up in a word or two and hopefully write about them (or list them as my backlogs). 

Singapore: EAT
- I will finally get to satisfy my 4 month long laksa craving and MILO dinosaur! :D
Entebbe: RELAX
Houston: SHOP
- 46 days til Christmas. Need I say more?
Sao Paolo: EAT (churrasaco) and SHOP (havaianas)
-I've been dying to try this Brazilian meat feast that I've heard so much about and I've got Havaianas orders from friends who heard that I'm flying to Brazil!

I end this with a note to my self: GOOD LUCK TO MY BODY CLOCK and to everyone who's on the move whether job related or pleasure trip, HAPPY TRAVELS!


  1. Anonymous14.11.11

    Good luck Cha!
    My mom bought a shi--load din when she was in Brazil (Rio naman)

    The brazilian meat fest is just that - a meat fest - you'll be shi--ing rocks for the next couple of days. lol. Though the closest to Brazil I got to having that type of buffet is somewhere in the Caribbean. LOL.

  2. Thanks, Eileen! :) Just landed from my third continent and I'm messed up as it is.

    Naku, I'm looking forward to buying Havs. I think that will be my Christmas giveaway (if they are dirt cheap):)

    Well, at least you got to try it in the Carribean. Sosyal! The closest I got to it is at Brazil, Brazil in Rockwell but it's good. love it!

  3. Anonymous25.11.11

    lucky you!

    i envy your work :)

  4. I envy your shots! You take amazing pictures :)