Wednesday, October 27, 2010


      ·         a very strong desire to travel or irresistible impulse to wander
·         In the modern usage, to travel and explore the world

Wanderlust is one of my three favorite words. It is a very powerful word for me.It evokes emotions and feelings in me that I cannot seem to fathom. All I know is, this word has a special meaning in my life.
.. Rome, Paris, Tokyo, Tuscany, Berlin, England, New York, Cairo, Israel, China,  Vietnam..
My desire to travel and see the world started when I learned how to read. As I read each book, leaf through each page, I am then transported from scene to scene, city to city, country to country.  It is then when the longing to see different places and faces started.
.. Golden Gate Bridge, Eiffel Tower, Coloseo Pyramids, Killing Fields, Central Park..
I knew at some point in my life, I might get lucky or save enough money to travel but perhaps just restricted around Asia; as I know that trips to Europe, Africa, North and South America is more than what I can really afford and it seemed like it would forever be a distant dream. I have accepted ages ago that most likely I would never set foot in these places I fantasised so much about. 

Africans, Swiss, Dutch, Mayans, Balinese, British, Americans, Brazilians,  Argentine, Greeks..

Little did I know, that the blueprints of my life would indicate travel around the world.   As of this moment I have been to 6 continents, 32 countries and 52 cities. J