Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Ticking off Prague, Czech Republic off my list J

Prague Orloj

Walt Disney Castle

Prague is the 59th place I’ve visited in my wanderventure although it is an unfinished one. At zero degrees, this tropical itchyfeet couldn’t stand the cold and only managed to see the Orloj, the medieval Astronomical clock located at Prague’s Old City Hall and the Walt Disney Castle. 

Oh well, this just means one thing, I’ll be back Prague!! Hopefully in summer ;)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Good luck to my Body Clock


November is a month of movement for me. It sure is going to be one of those months where I'll be so busy I'll be definitely looking for my next holiday although I just came off from one a few days ago.

First, my family will be relocating to a new home. After 23 years, South girl no more .
Next, I'm moving in with one of my best flygirls, Tricia. 
Lastly, my roster this month is all over the place or should I say all over the world literally! On the plane ride back to Dubai after my leave, I was browsing through my roster and realized that this November I'll be covering 5 out of the seven continents! Good luck to my body clock!

☑ Africa
☑ North America
South America
☐ Antartica

I'll be hopping from Asia on to Africa going to North America then Europe and towards South America. I don't mind flying down under either but I must not be too greedy. Antartica, well, I suppose is out of the question since that is not part of my network.

So, where exactly do I go in each of these continents? Here's my November itinerary accordingly: Singapore, Singapore  Entebbe, Uganda Houston, USA Prague, Czech Republic  Sao Paolo, Brazil .

What will I do in these places? I've been to most of these places except for Prague. I'll sum them up in a word or two and hopefully write about them (or list them as my backlogs). 

Singapore: EAT
- I will finally get to satisfy my 4 month long laksa craving and MILO dinosaur! :D
Entebbe: RELAX
Houston: SHOP
- 46 days til Christmas. Need I say more?
Sao Paolo: EAT (churrasaco) and SHOP (havaianas)
-I've been dying to try this Brazilian meat feast that I've heard so much about and I've got Havaianas orders from friends who heard that I'm flying to Brazil!

I end this with a note to my self: GOOD LUCK TO MY BODY CLOCK and to everyone who's on the move whether job related or pleasure trip, HAPPY TRAVELS!